Announcing a school’s competition on St. Patrick’s festival weekend

Well done to all our planters-for-the-planet this week;
On this Patrick’s Festival weekend, we are announcing our span new school competition! Now you might say, what kept us? This was about the first thing our hero Felix did, after he planted an apple tree in his school. Set up a league table! Yes, yes, yes, since it worked so well for Felix we are going to try doing the exact. same. thing. So here it is. 

Which school has planted the MOST TREES!!!
This week; St. Malachy’s Finglas, DUBLIN CITY; 1,000 trees in Tolka River Valley Park, all classes
Lusk N.S. 250 trees in their school grounds, sixth classes. 
St. Malachy’s are ahead, will they win the CRANN Crown! This consists of a donation of trees for any place they want to nominate or their school grounds. Lusk, FINGAL however planted 400 trees in January in Newbridge House and are planting 750 more in the Autumn so watch out, they are catching up!!! Bravo Bravissimo all planters!


So who will be the overall winner? Well we have tree week coming up. And because we are a bit late to the Paddy (Par-tee….party….) there will be an extra week added on to bring us right up to the Easter Holidays for schools, April 12th. 

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