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Earth Rise – Verse 1

Earth Rises like a blue balloon.

As Apollo orbited the moon.

Seen from space, Earth is a surprise.

Humankind starts to  realise

Our “Goldilocks”  location’s quite ideal,

We round the sun just like a wheel

No nice neighbours, the only home around.

There’s no other ideal planet to be found.

(Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm,x2 **************x2)

Verse 2

Around that time in Africa, a teacher Wangari

Planned an emerald belt of trees to stretch from sea to sea.

A little bit of action cures a lot of gloom.

She asked her friends to help, they made the desert bloom.

They grew the trees from seed, they liked to watch them grow.

Bit by bit they anchored soil and slowed the rivers’ flow.

Now instead of hungry cries their land had bees and butterflies

After thirty million trees she won a Nobel Prize!


Grow your share of fresh air –

Show Mother Earth you care!

Find a spot, Dig a hole –

Now we’re on a roll!

Plant a tree, 1,2,Tree –

It’s easy as can be!

Like Apollo 8 we’re on a mission, ours is easy;

1, 2, skip a few… a trillion, Easy Treesie

****************** x2      Verse 3

Felix aged nine doing homework for school

Read about Kenya, thought that teacher cool.

Thought he’d copy her and soon had a team

Of children round the world now we’ve built a head of steam.

Our million German trees mop the floods,

Our Mexican forests fix carbon in mud.

Our tree machines pull carbon from air

Locking it in trunks doing the repair!


Earth Rise, inspires to rise to the occasion

Earth Rise calls time for our Co-operation

Stop talking,  Start planting, Stop waiting,  Start acting –

Earth’s our common home, we can’t do this alone!

We use ten times the carbon here than is our own fair share

Till we find another Planet Earth we can’t play truth or dare.

Sea levels they are rising and it’s getting rather hot

But we kids are planting trees now wherever there’s a spot.

We asked the German children can they tell us how it’s done.

They sent a team from England now we see it’s rather fun.

It’s our turn now to show you all we cannot say it’s hard

We plant them before breakfast in our school behind the yard

Pope Francis sent a message and he made it very clear

“We stand for justice and equality, not poverty, d’you hear?”

Just like the Saint he likes all creatures great and small

“Let’s mind our brothers from the short ones to the tall”

Start doing something those who are wealthy and strong

The future’s looking brighter now we all get along

Poorer countries need a hand they’re not to blame

They’re just misfortunate, we’re all the same.

So the peoples of the world sat at United Nations’ table

Asked how will we keep our climate stable?

We made a list, we checked it twice

We all know how to be naughty or nice

How to be good? Google Global Goals

We all want our climate kept under some control

They’re little steps, it’s easy treesie,

Take some action and you’ll sleep easy

To sum them up it’s the Golden Rule

Love your neighbour so we stay cool

It isn’t rocket science

We need some self- reliance

Fifty years ago, the Earth shone like a blue balloon

When on Christmas Eve Apollo took a selfie from the moon

“Mother Earth needs help it is our job to act and now

Using up all earth’s resources we cannot allow.


It’s getting very breezy


The world needs trees, Really big and strong

Everybody plant a tree, We can’t go wrong 

The leaves on the tree Turn from green to brown

From high up in the tree They fall down and down 

Through the crab apple

The light shines dappled


We talk to folks

When I climb up the birch

I sing on my little perch

Come join us we’re planning

Trees are so enchanting

For the planet outstanding

You’ll start understanding

Forests can be everlasting

Help us plant a tree

It is key

We sing as we go.

Helps the fishes in the sea

Saves acidity




You can’t Disagree

It helps we Guarantee

The children oversee

I sit on my little perch

Plant trees please

We plant a tree

So we can breathe

We plant a tree

And now we are free

Trees sway to and fro

In the wind watch them blow

Trees are good for the earth

Trees grow to a beautiful sight

Trees make shadows in the night

Bugs home in a hole


The apple seed grows into an apple tree

And the apple tree makes apples for you and me

We have them for lunch and the children go munch munch

Oh the apple tree makes you and me happy

Lots of trees for birds to nest and rest

For cleaner air

Let it grow tall and green

Birds in their nests agree

Bees in their hives agree

Plant trees yes please

Squirrels have a house So can a brown mouse

Amazon snakes and frogs Love to use a slippery log

Don’t clear them out, It makes the creatures scream and shout

Don’t cut them down when animals make a Treetown.

With marble seas and emerald lands we saw our planet  with new eyes


Plant a tree

It’s as easy

As can be


Pope Francis wrote a letter

Asked us to protect our common home

We are fair to our neighbours,

We use our fair share

Justice for the poor

peace, release, desert increase

What she did was so very wise

Stop driving fossil cars start walking

It looks quite lonely

It dawned on us that It was time to sing a different was a nice surprise. Theres an awful  lo TT of space around we saw we’re really very small

No sign of friendly neighbours oops we must learn to play ball.


On Christmas Eve Apollo took a selfie from the moon,

In 1968 Earth shone  just like a blue balloon.

From a property perspective, Earth’s location’s quite ideal

Not too near or not too far we round the sun in a great wheel.

The  only bit of space about where it looks nice to live




new deal




Many people talk about the challenges we have

weannoto the skies

Our lovely blue balloon is not a great size,

not too hot or cold just right..for us our

for a while we have to stay

another one is very far away

To avoid a constant monsoon

Earth rising


Us to rise as well

To rise to the occasion

And love our shining home of green and blue

shining in the darkness in the distance

It’s the only home we’ve got

Let’s care for it with all we’ve got

it’s quite the beauty spot

Maybe we forgot

Life is rare. Unusual. A gift. Magical. Precious.

We have responsibility for our home

We need to love it and be kind to it

Mind its thin membrane, its rich atmosphere

brightly shining

They’ve come from their Children’s Forest to show us how to plant

For- the-Planet Earth, so now we’re working like ants.

Viewed from dark and lonely space the earth was brightly shining

Over the moonscape it slowly started rising.

We wrote some poetry on our Culture Night – One Tree Planted – Patagonia – Fingal – Swords Woodland Association Event in 2022.

Our trees are being cut down, by the score
When in fact, we should be planting more
When they have gone, we can’t replace
The biodiversity, that’s found in that space
For our wellbeing, the trees play their part
They warm our soul, and they lift the heart
Giving food and shelter, in their canopy tops
Feeding the ground dwellers, it never stops
Even storing carbon, and filtering our air
Greedy developers, sure what do they care
Joni Mitchell, she got it right in her song
You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone
Many thanks to Cllr. Joe Newman for sharing this poem by Ken Duffy Swords Tidy Towns.

A hashtag I love; #treesontop

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