Booted and suited for our new planting season! Put to the test with a weekend of planting and prayers now here we go here we go here we go!

It’s going to be a great planting season! Thanks to the 6 local authorities and the Community Foundation for Ireland as well as the Communities Water Development Fund for supporting our upcoming projects! Sterling support, how delightful it is that our work is so very much appreciated. Not to mention the great support from Plant-for-the-Planet as part of the trillion tree campaign. Thinking big. They made a big fuss of me on my recent visit with a vegan lunch on their roof garden in the 32 degree heat. No need to explain there are spikes in the temperature in Germany where their drought has been visible from space.

Today I wished my colleagues in St. Laurence NS a fond so-long with Fruit-of-the-Forest meringues (Climate & Cake go together at all Ambassador events it seems) while modelling my top-of-the-range work boots, one of the many lavish gifts with which my fellow staff members treated me at their Festival of Farewells at the end of term last June. They were rigorously tested at the weekend, planting trees with fellow Crann Director Diarmuid McAree at the Shankhill Arboretum where we added a magnificent Irish Oak, Scots Pine and the children’s favourite Nutella Tree to mark several events, most famously Pope Francis’ visit. We are delighted to report for those who may have missed it that Pope Francis planted a tree up in the Park with President Michael D. Higgins, a potent symbol of the importance of taking action on environmental stewardship. It was a place to give the new boots a proper test for waterproof-ness on Sunday for sure, I confess to having some anxiety as I vaulted puddles in the dark at 4.50 a.m. to the shuttle bus with our two tiny oak trees in their “Laudate Si” cardboard boxes. They were taken in backstage before their packaging turned to mush in the driving rain; fortunately they were weatherproof,  and I left them gracing the entrance from the room of vestments in the care of the priest-in-command. Thanks also to Fr. Bene for seeing the trees were suitably placed. The trees were grown in our classroom in Baldoyle over the last year. It was a treeeet indeed to have them accepted to enhance the splendid event.

We have a dizzying list of planting projects coming up, commencing with Culture Night at Dr. Steevens Hospital where we shall be taking over the Board Room from 6 – 9 with our latest film launch, never-seen-in-public tree art, tree climate puppet conversations, tree lego challenges, climate pledges on our upcoming soon-to-be-revealed logo, tree poetry and song.  Hope to see you there!

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