Air BnB for Trees app being launched by Prince Albert; Conversation with billionaire Jack Dangremond and Trillion-Tree Project Founder, Felix Finkbeiner

So exciting to hear of the new app arriving in March 9th 2018 being launched by Prince Albert in Monaco in this interview;  “a platform, an Air BnB or an Uber for trees to make tree-planting as easy as possible”.  Plant-for-the-Planet’s  “audacious kid”, Felix Finkbeiner, who first introduced himself at age 13 “wanting to plant a trillion trees” to Jack Dangremond, GIS business tycoon and environmentalist.  Now 6 years later, the two discuss the development of this app for uploading sites that are suitable for tree planting in your area using GIS technology, tracking, making public the work of tree organisations and garnering international support.


Why, Felix Finkbeiner, founder of Plant-for-the-Planet answers in this interview;  – to restore ecology and hope. It started with a very small school project, inspired by Wangari Mathai. The mission is to convince the world to plant a trillion trees – no-one can argue against Tree-Planting, explains Felix. He goes on to say that even if you don’t accept the climate science, trees give so many other benefits. (Tree cheers for that!). Being positive about the future is  his message; Plant-for-the-Planet aims to make our work at Easytreesie and other tree-loving organisations easier by supporting scientific research and to enable donation to tree-planters. By using GIS technology, the science of where do you plant a tree is being made accessible. A research institute is being opened by Plant-for-the-Planet researching growth rates and which tree is best planted where; analysis will be used to make suggestions about what to plant, providing advice on suitability.

The issues of climate change affect us all; this is the first academic year in the 37 years I have been a teacher that our school has had to close because of the violence of a storm. I prefer prevention than cure so let’s go planting.

Hear all about it in this interview with Felix. Tree-t yourself in 2018; Tree Planting is not the only way to tackle the climate however it is the easiest way. Go easy treesie in 2018!

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