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Plant for the Planet and treeplanting week

KKB and Dukesmeadows residents  participated in a UN-backed global initiative which is being spearheaded in Ireland by the charity Crann, Trees for Ireland through their easy treesie project. With support from Kilkenny County Council, children are assisted in planting native and naturalised trees in their local area. Kilkenny City  was selected for a ceremonial tree planting in advance of Earth Day next Monday . This project will assist in providing a shelter belt and wildlife corridor, capture carbon and of course beautify our area.The fruit trees are also very important for our wildlife and pollinators.

Fruit tree planting at Dukesmeadows

Many children around the country have already had a chance to join in this environmental learning opportunity, planting over 14,000 trees in their local parks, community gardens, roadside verges and hospitals as part of the challenge for Ireland’s children to plant a million trees by 2023.

The trees have been specially selected by the team of specialists in easy treesie – Crann. Joining in this activity ties in with many curriculum objectives at local schools and will assist in their winning the International Green Flags.

There was a presentation at Dukesmeadows during the planting on the subject of trees and their importance for our city  by Orla Farrell of Crann . A great planting was has by all.  Our  children will have the opportunity to benefit from the fruit of their labours for many years to come.

KKB have been working with many groups throughout Kilkenny over the last number of years to plant  hundreds of fruit trees and bushes  suitable for their location.A number of community orchards have already been established and additional orchards are being planned. This action  continue over the next number of years. Residents associations and voluntary groups who would like to participate in this action are more than welcome to contact KKB for the next planting season.


Monday 15 April 2019

‘Easy Treesie’ for kids as 400 saplings planted

Kids invest in the future of the planet as they help to plant over 400 saplings in Listowel

Mayor of Listowel Mike Kennelly with Coláiste Na Ríochta students Mikey Lane, Darren Mulvihill and Darragh McAvoy 1
Mayor of Listowel Mike Kennelly with Coláiste Na Ríochta students Mikey Lane, Darren Mulvihill and Darragh McAvoy

Donal Nolan & Fergus Dennehy

There was a buzz of activity in the Listowel Town Park last Friday morning as pupils from different Listowel schools enjoyed a real life lesson in the prevention of climate change as they planted over 400 trees in the park.

The morning was part of a wider initiative by ‘Crann’, the national organisation designed to raise awareness of the environmental importance of trees, hedgerows and woodland. The project, which is called ‘Easy Treesie’ is Crann’s ambitious project to plant one million trees in Ireland by 2023.

The aim of the day was to help extend the existing woodland which anchors the soil along the riverbank which provides welcome wildlife habitats. It is hoped that these trees will further help to prevent erosion and mitigate flooding in the area as well as providing some vital shelter for some of the wildlife that lives in the area – including fish, who require the shade of the trees to spawn.

Mayor of Listowel Mike Kennelly said he was delighted with the new greening of town thanks to the efforts of the local students. Some of the different trees planted on Friday included oak, birch, alder and holly. All 400 saplings last week were provided by the Kerry County Council.

“Many of us are oblivious, I suppose, to the likely effects of something no longer being simply called ‘climate change’ but ‘climate catastrophe’. It’s that serious now, but thankfully the younger generations are really engaging with it as seen in town on Friday through the planting,” he said.

“It is our children and their children who will have to live with the effects of what is happening now, but at least we’re taking steps in the right direction in Listowel with the planting of 420 saplings the last day,” he finished.


Listowel students to plant 300 trees as part of global tree planting initiative

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Students from Listowel will plant 300 trees as part of a global tree planting initiative.

The ‘Easy Treesie’ project aims to plant one million trees in Ireland by 2023.

The sixth class and Transition Year students in Listowel will host a Climate Action Day tomorrow to mark National Tree Week.

Over 40 children will plant trees in the Childers Park and Woodlands at Bridge Road.

300 saplings are being supplied by Kerry County Council for the project.

Staff from the Municipal District Operations Department along with members of the Listowel Tidy Town’s Group will provide support to the children on the day.

Hi everybody; huge interest lately in the press. Must make a scrapbook. Great articles in the Irish Garden Magazine Bloom Edition, the Irish Catholic recently

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Thanks for the mention on the website of that organisation which gives us so much help!;
Thanks to Think Business for publishing this great article in Bank of Ireland’s business magazine about our project here.

Super to see the report of Ireland’s First Tree Academy up on the Plant-for-the-Planet website here.

There are lots of great photos also posted here, now we are up there with 100,000 plus children from all over the world, taking action on Climate Change.

Orla Farrell wants to plant one million trees | Think Business

Thanks to Bank of Ireland’s #ThinkBusiness #ezine for getting our show on the road!

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