Well done Cork! Thanks to all!













Well now. If I could choose the very BEST spot for a planting party it would have to be Cork this week. And why?

The people. And I hear the accent and I think, ah, I am at home here.

Well yes. My mother was from Cork, there you are. I spent all my summers at my grandmother’s farm at Castlehyde, (not the great house but the home farm!) running around on the banks of the Blackwater river, roaming the fields, enjoying farm life all summer out in the shade of the spreading majestic trees. (we were quite simply never allowed indoors unless it was mealtime; if it rained we would be under the tree canopy!)

Well a picnic seemed like a really good idea since we were going to be not only tree planting but also Bird Watching on our planting day! I love that cartoon website, “When is it Hometime” ; I think the artist would agree as would many teachers that a second favourite question of growing youngsters is “When is it lunchtime?”. With all that sea air, it is a good question. Not only, lest I forget, were we planting 80 trees but of course we had our RTE crew who were making a film with us.


How lovely then to have some refreshments from Ballymaloe! As a girl I would pick redcurrants, whitecurrants and raspberries at my friend’s farm and we would rush them afterwards over to the restaurant in a wooden car! It was not entirely wooden but it did have a lot of wood in its makeup.  Barm brack and tea, O Connell’s chocolate and Elderflower and Elderberry Cordials were on the menu last week, followed by more goodies…a little of what you fancy does you good.


And then such a tree-t; learning from Paul of Birdwatch about all the birds. Thanks so much Paul to you and all the team at Harper’s Island.


It is great to see the RTE film today and remember our great time back out in the Cork countryside…this time in Cork City! Take a bow everybody! Orla

We are planting 1,000 trees on Valentine’s Day at our Love Trees Event!

Draft Timetable, Malahide Castle Planting Party 14th Feb 2019 Love Trees on Valentine’s Day


Here is our proposed timetable for today; for each planting party we are very grateful that the Fingal operations team can give a little talk about the trees at Malahide Castle Demesne. This will be followed by a safety talk from easy treesie and a demonstration on how to plant the saplings.

111 school children in total with accompanying adults and volunteers galore.



8.30 Easy treesie team meets with Fingal, Avoca car park


9.30; St. Sylvester’s (28 First Class and teacher Darragh Lee with volunteer parents), Malahide Community College (Student Council representatives; 2 2nd year, 1 3rd year, 2 Transition Year, 1 5th Year , 6 students in all with their teacher Orla Rooney) meet at Yellow Walls pedestrian entrance and walk up to planting area


10.45 St. Sylvester’s, (First class 28 pupils with teacher Edel Griffith),  ditto


11.45 St. John Paul 2, (27  Sixth class with teacher Yvonne Ward), ditto


12.45 approx. St. Finian’s, Swords meet at Malahide Castle car park (immediately to the left of the entrance) (10 fifth year with their teacher Grace Masterson,  12 6th year students with their teacher Ciaran Burke)


2.00 p.m. Students and volunteers clean and pack up tools and equipment, St. Finian’s depart;


A bowl of soup or equivalent for volunteers who wish to have a bite of lunch, Avoca Malahide Castle

Acceptance letters now going out; more info re our Tree Academy details.

It’s EXCITING; 2 more sleeps to go before our Malahide TREE ACADEMY!

We have been enjoying walking the site and making everything ready for Saturday at 9 a.m. We will announce on the day our NEWEST woodland site, clue is in the picture! Malahide will be really on the map this year, of course it was already! Dig out the wellies and the raingear every body!


Dear Participants

Congratulations, you have been accepted to attend the Plant-for-the-Planet Tree Academy in Dublin, on Saturday 26st January 2019.  We will be meeting in the Malahide Parish Pastoral Centre on Main Street, Malahide (just beside the DART/Irish Rail station) for registration 9.00 a.m. on Saturday, 26st January. Malahide coaches will pick us up to bring us to our planting site soon after at Robswalls Park -Paddy’s Hill behind the Malahide United football club/Gourmet Food parlour and bring us back to the centre for lunch and to prepare for our presentation. Parents and friends are cordially invited to join us from 2.00 – 3.00 p.m. for our Presentation and Award ceremony.

The easy treesie – Plant-for-the-Planet team is really looking forward to our Tree Academy as part of the global project to plant a trillion trees.  This time children who hosted the last event at their school, St. Laurence’s in nearby Baldoyle will be leading the team. Since we finished planting 3,305 trees in the local Park at Bayside last June with the Minister for Education and the Mayor (that’s one for every primary school in Ireland) they know a thing or two about planting trees!

Thank you so much to the parents and guardians for allowing their children to join with children in 100 countries in this important work, where we will be planting 300 trees in finishing off a 1,000 tree woodland we started planting with local schools in December.

Children will need

  1. A raincoat and wellington boots or a change of shoes. Waterproof bottoms would also be advisable as it will be muddy and may rain on the day, but if you don’t have those a change of bottoms would ensure you will be dry for the afternoon.
  2. A water bottle.
  3. Approval for taking pictures Yes/No please tick;

oYes | My child may participate in the Academy, may be filmed and photographed, and give interviews to the media. I have read and signed the release statement overleaf.

oNo | My child may take part in the Academy but may not be photographed or filmed, or give interviews to the media.

Participation and catering are free of charge. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Orla Farrell / Project Leader, easy treesie // Web: www.easytreesie.com  www.plant-for-the-planet.org

Director, Crann – Trees for Ireland Registered Charity no. CHY 13698 Patron Uachtarán na hÉireann Michael D. Higgins